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Daily disposable lenses

At Texas State Optical, Dr. House, Dr. Marsh, and Dr. Bruton make a commitment to always have the latest technology available to their patients and are excited to announce these recent advancements.

Daily disposable lenses are a dream for anyone who enjoys the freedom from glasses that contact lenses afford, but who are not happy about the heavy responsibility of contact lens hygiene and the risks that poor upkeep could entail. Fortunately, recent advancements in daily disposable contact lenses make daily disposables the  healthiest (rare to cause infections/abrasions), most comfortable (closest thing you can get to not having a contact in the eye),  and most convenient (no cleaning, storing cases, etc...) lenses on the market.

According to Dr. House, "Daily disposable lenses are fantastic for patients that suffer from contact lens discomfort (especially at the end of the day), patients that want to switch back and forth between glasses and contacts, patients that only want to wear contact lenses situationally (for instance, for sports, activities, special  events, etc), patients with a poor ocular health history (history of infections, corneal ulcers, trauma to corneas, dry eye discomfort), patients working in the health care field that are at a higher risk for nosocomial infections/exposures, patients with contact lens intolerance due to allergies or dry eye conditions, and patients that work in dusty and/or windy environments."  Additionally, daily lenses are now available to patients with astigmatism or multifocal needs to help them function at all ranges, which is an exciting recent advancement.  "I find there are a lot of patients with these needs that don't know daily disposable lenses are an option for them," states Dr. House, “I enjoy being the one to bring the good news of daily disposables to patients who otherwise wouldn't know about this incredibly convenient and comfortable option.”

There have also been significant advancements in traditional soft contact lenses for patients with multifocal needs.  The new  lenses are much more successful than previous models and allow patients to see all ranges through a single contact.  "These are fantastic for patients that want to be less dependent on reading glasses over their existing contacts,  patients that want to wear contacts situationally that will help at all distances, and patients that are tired of the decreased depth perception, limited range of vision, and difficulty driving in the dark they experience with their monovision contact lenses." states Dr. House.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these exciting new contact lens advancements, please call  970-731-8446 (TSO-Bryan) or 979-764-0010 (TSO-College Station) to make an appointment.