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dry and uncomfortable contacts?

Do your contacts feel dry and uncomfortable at the end of the day?  Do you get frustrated that you can't see clearly at all distances with your current contacts or that your eye doctor always tells you that you are not a good candidate for contact lenses? Well the doctors of Texas State Optical of Bryan/College Station want you to know that great news may be right around the corner for you!  Recent advancements in contact lens technology make contact wear easier, more comfortable to wear, easier to care for, able to work with dry/allergic eyes, and provide fantastic vision for many people. Texas State Optical of Bryan/College Station has been caring for the eyes of the Brazos Valley for 59 years.  During that time we have always taken pride in bringing the latest advancements in eye care and optical goods to patients. According to Drs. Jon House O.D, Taylor Marsh O.D, and Brittany Bruton O.D, it has never been a better time to try contact lenses on for size. "We need to make sure that people in the Brazos Valley understand that there have been some amazing advancements in contact lenses," states Dr. House.

Among the greatest of these technological advancements at Texas State Optical of Bryan/College Station is a product known as Duette high definition (HD) lenses.  These lenses represent a number of amazing advancements in the areas of comfort, vision, and health. As nybrid lenses, Duette lenses give you the best of both worlds by providing you with a central rigid lens with a soft lens skirt around the edge to enhance comfort. These lenses are available exclusively at both TSOs in the Bryan/College Station area .

Duette HD lenses are fantastic for patients with astigmatism. Typically, patients with moderate to severe astigmatism have a great amount of difficulty with traditional soft lenses, which move around a lot on the eye and fail to give the patient comfortable, consistent vision. Rigid gas permeable lenses (RGPS) offered better vision for these patients but often were too uncomfortable to be tolerated. Most patients with RGP lenses have trouble outdoors where dust and other particles often collect under the lens and lead to discomfort. Duette lenses, by contrast, keep everything out and give the comfort of soft lenses while maintaining the clarity of the traditional hard lenses.  According to Dr. House, "we are now able to effectively combine the benefits of hard/soft lenses with this new innovative design."

For more information about this revolutionary advance in contact lens technology, contact us today at TSO Bryan/College Station today.