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HEV “Blue Light” Radiation

Blue light and the different levels of radiation

HEV and UV rays from the sun are extremely harmful to the eyes, even in the winter. Without protective sunglasses, you are exposed to the dangers of the suns radiation.

The Problem: HEV Radiation

New research suggests that the suns high energy visible (HEV) radiation - also called "blue light" - may increase your long term risk of macular degeneration. Until recently, scientists thought that only UV rays were dangerous to your eyes and vision but now HEV rays have also been linked to this disease.

The Solution: Sunglasses

To protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation, sunglasses should be worn anytime you are out in the sun and should block 100% of UV rays. Close-fit wrap around frames provide the best protection from the sun reaching your eyes through the top or sides of your sunglasses. Even if you do not need a prescription, you should still wear non-prescription sunglasses whenever you go outside.

For more information, visit your local College Station optometrist at TSO.