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Eye Allergy News

If you started having itchy, watery, irritated eyes in February, you weren't alone. The pollen season started early this year, because of a warmer-than-usual winter in much of the United States.

Maple leaves in spring.

It depends on where you're located, but normally trees in the northern states don't produce significant amounts of pollen until late March or early April. With more frost-free days, this year is different, and the tree pollen season promises to be a long one.

Maple, elm and cedar are among the many trees that produce springtime pollen, and when summer approaches, grass pollen proliferates as well.

If you're experiencing asthma, hay fever and eye allergies, be sure to check with your physician and eye doctor for the best remedies for your particular symptoms.

Please click here to download lists of the top 100 U.S. cities for spring and fall allergies.

Also, look at today's pollen count map.